We think so. Chamberlin has been using an employee badging system for many years as a means to provide proper and obvious identification of our team members on high security projects and in clients’ occupied buildings. Our badges also display the types of craft and safety training the employee has completed ranging from OSHA 10-Hour certification to scaffolds and more.


Each badge includes a photo of the employee, their title and craft. These features provide an extra level of security for you, your tenants and coworkers because you will be able to clearly identify the Chamberlin technician and know they belong there. You will also know at a glance that the worker is fully and properly trained to carry out their duties as their certifications are stamped right on their badge.


All training is performed in-house through our Chamberlin University program by OSHA Outreach Trainers who have certifications from various third party groups such as powder-actuated tool manufacturers and the National Roofing Contractor’s Association. Additionally, new training courses are added to the instructional library and training certification card as required time to time by clients.


The next time you see one of Chamberlin’s 650+ team members take a look at their employee badge. The ID and training badge system, along with our in-house safety inspectors, ensures we are staffing our jobs with skilled workers who are prepared to perform their work safely and productively.