Through good weather and bad these are just some of the men that do the most important work for our clients: safely install high quality roofing and waterproofing systems on time with a spirit of cooperation. Thanks to our field operations teams for all that you do everyday to make all of us at Chamberlin look good! 


Project: SBC Towers 1 & 2 Sealant Removal and Replacement

Top row, left to right: Roy White, Felix Vazquez, Eddie Castillo, Tomas Soto, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Marcelino Jurado, Jaime Lomeli, Eduardo Adrian, Ivan Hernandez, Jesus Orozco

Bottom row, left to right: Francisco Sanchez, Alejandro Hernandez, Samuel Aguilar, Carlos Soto, Roberto Hernandez, Rolando Espinoza, Francisco Macedo, Carlos Cabrera, Gustavo Vargas, Javier Hernandez, Elias Zuniga




Project: Portofino Roof Maintenance

Left to right: Jared Guidry, Hermes Dinarte, Frank Mouton







Project: Texas Children''s Hospital Re-roofing

Back row, left to right: Tracy Sweed, Kenneth House, Nic Anthony, James Linton, Calvin Butler

Front row, left to right: Miguel Palacios, Carlos Garcia, Shane Ervin, Miguel Castro, Eugene Selders




Project: Coca-Cola Garage Restoration

Left to right: Jesus Hernandez, Candelario Sanchez, Geronimo Salas, Norberto Garcia, Israel Hernandez, Jose Munoz, Adolfo Avila






Project: Gulf States Building Restoration

Top row, left to right: Daniel Aguilar Soto, Solomon Nunez, Juan Mendoza Sosa, Diego Nunez

3rd row, left to right: Elias Decamilo, Arturo Guevara, Jose Garcia

2nd row, left to right: Pete Klein, Rafael Buendia, Jose Miguel Garcia

Front, left to right: Efrian Buendia, Gabriel Garcia, Miguel Sigala






Project: HKS Roof Maintenance

Left to right: Osvaldo Barajas, Jose Anastacio, Rogelio Valdez, Jorge Barajas, Juan Perez, Andy Valdez