Parking garage waterproofing and concrete restoration isn’t the most glamorous type of construction project, but key improvements can greatly impact the usability and safety of a facility. That in mind, waterproofing and concrete restoration can do more than bring a facility up to structural standard, it can also serve the functional needs of owners and their tenants.


Due to their utilitarian nature, parking structures are sometimes ignored, yet they can pose a unique set of expensive repair problems if not maintained properly. Heavy automobile traffic wears out the concrete surfaces and deteriorates the joints that are designed to provide both parking and waterproof protection to the occupants of the garage. The heavy load imposed by a large number of parked vehicles, wet weather, hot temperatures and extreme cold can further damage a garage structure. The parking garage’s concrete, steel decking and expansion joints, therefore, must be adequately maintained. If neglected, the short- and long-term effects of deferred maintenance can be very costly.



A well-known Fortune 100 company in Houston has been experiencing the effects of two deteriorating parking garages on their campus near the Galleria. As happens to most parking structures over time, parts of the concrete and steel decking, as well as the walls, began deteriorating due to rust forming on parts of the steel within. Given the nature of the problems, a structural engineering firm was brought in to evaluate the overall condition of the garages. The engineer’s report found several areas of the concrete drive surface along with the underlying steel decking in critical need of repair. The report also detailed other issues related to the waterproofing of the concrete components that needed to be addressed to ensure structural integrity and to help prevent further deterioration of the structure.


Sr. Project Manager, Todd Eads with Jones Lang LaSalle, led the building infrastructure reinvestment, which, in addition to the garage restoration, included a complete air handling and HVAC renovation, elevator upgrades and various external repairs. “The garages were the single biggest portion of the campus improvement project at over three million dollars,” said Eads who hired Turner Construction as the general contractor of the rehabilitation project.


Chamberlin has completed many successful projects with Turner over the years including The Calpine Center, Hilton Americas Convention Center Hotel and the Galleria Expansion project. Because of Chamberlin’s proven track record and wide range of waterproofing services, Turner entrusted the firm to be the single source contractor for the entire garage restoration project, with the exception of the electrical work.



Work commenced on Phase I of Garage A in November of 2004. Chamberlin began by removing and replacing deteriorated portions of the concrete and steel deck on five levels and patched portions of the concrete walls that were crumbling. All cracks in the concrete that were less severe were strengthened with epoxy injections. Metal doors and frames were replaced as well as sections of the metal deck and various other steel components.


Phase II included pressure washing all surfaces, vehicular traffic coating, striping parking spaces, caulking the entire garage and installing a new perimeter cable barrier system to comply with revised building code restrictions. Chamberlin crews also coated the steel joists attached to the underside of the deck to protect it from further oxidation. Upon completion, they moved on to Phase III of the project: interior concrete wall painting.



The original plan was to color code each parking level by painting one wall on each floor a different color, but after the building owners saw the vast improvement that the color made, they chose to have all remaining walls in the garage painted white to provide a lighter, more secure environment.


When construction completed in December of 2005 on Garage A, the building owners were pleased with their beautifully restored parking garage and wanted Garage B to be just as secure for their employees, protected from the elements and structurally sound.


“The vote was unanimous to utilize the Turner and Chamberlin team on Garage B,” said Eads. “We learned some valuable lessons on Garage A and it was important for us to apply that knowledge to the second garage with a team that understood the project and our expectations from the beginning.”



Garage B is an exact replica of Garage A with very similar problems, so Turner and Chamberlin knew exactly what to expect. Restoration on Garage B began in March 2006 and is anticipated to be complete several weeks ahead of schedule in October of 2006. Upon completion, Chamberlin will have performed over $2.3 million of waterproofing and concrete restoration on both garages. “Our success on this project is due to our wide range of waterproofing services, experience and teamwork from everyone involved,” said Shane Hubbard, Chamberlin Senior Project Manager.


Chamberlin is a single source provider of complete garage restoration services. Technically speaking, we provide the expertise and attention to detail necessary to complete restoration projects up to the highest standards.  On a more personal level, we’re proud that offering this service contributes to creating a safer, more friendly structure for those that use the garage.